About Us

MAH is our earnest and heartfelt attempt to get all the beautiful décor items from the culturally rich India under one roof. India has many traditions, customs and few architectural marvels which are revered by many. The Idols of Hindu deities are said to be loved world-wide, cause they bring a sense of calmness and positivity at home or at  work place. Elephant and Peacock are most loved symbols/motifs to be carved onto any piece of art to make it beautiful. These symbols signify royal times of India and  they are worth owning and gifting (carved on boxes, bangles, scarfs etc.).

Indian artisans intricately carve beautiful figurines of Elephants and Peacocks from wood, wood-pulp, metals (silver, brass) with great details.  These artefacts fit into almost every nook and wall of your home – a floating rack, next to your TV rack, your walls.

We have themed these beautiful products for you to choose easily from.

Hope you enjoy shopping these products as much as we enjoy aggregating these products for you